Cheeky Christmas Spirit Jingles in The Ute

An oldie but a goodie!  This video of Colin Buchanan singing the Aussie version of Jingle Bells is very entertaining and will give you a great laugh today.  I heard it on the radio last week and it really made me smile with its cheeky persona represented by our unique Australian way of life.

It reminds us of how different Christmas is in Australia with our scorching Summer weather.  It brings the colloquialism of Australia to Christmas on the farm.

“Aussie Jingle Bells” was written on short notice by Colin Buchanan for a radio appearance in 1992.  It has become an Australian Christmas classic and is still broadcast on air and at Christmas concerts today.

The song makes reference to Aussie icons such as the Kelpie and kangaroo.  It also creates the image of Aussie fun in the bush, BBQ and the esky in the rusty Holden ute.

I really love the cheekiness of this song and it has delivered to me the light-hearted Christmas spirit.


Take care, Karen.

“Gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients

of a truly Merry Christmas.”

~ Peg Bracken

Video Credit: Colin Buchanan ~ YouTube


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