My Farm

My husband and I own 2800 acres of grazing land on the North West Slopes, west of Tamworth NSW Australia.  We run a beef cattle operation, producing beef and breeding stud Hereford bulls.  We also do some forage cropping and grow out fat lambs.

Our property is a good balance of gently undulating to steeper timbered hill country, subdivided into 35 paddocks.  For ease of stock management we have fenced laneways and fenced-off gullies to minimise erosion.

A good mix of red and chocolate basalt soils.  There is approximately 700 acres of arable chocolate and soft basalt soils.  Stock water is provided by a bore with reticulated water system and 10 dams.  Farm infrastructure includes a large machinery shed, hay shed and shearing shed.

Our family operated business utilises our variety of management skills in farming such as stock management practices, animal health, stud breeding program, machinery operation, financial and office management.

I like living in this area and despite the hard work, I enjoy the peace and serenity that the farming lifestyle also offers.  It is also convenient to live within an easy drive to the regional centre of Tamworth.  I value the importance of the agricultural industry, to not only our local community but to our entire nation.