Agricultural Industry

Agriculture is an important industry in the Tamworth economy.  An estimated 307,000 hectares (760,000 acres) of land are used for the agricultural industry, with an economic gross value of $75 million contributing to the Tamworth economy.  The main agricultural industries in the Tamworth region include beef, sheep, grain, dairy, poultry and lucerne.  Other agricultural areas include alpaca, buffalo, berry, fish, goat, hydroponic, nut, olives, wineries and specialised game fowl farming.  Tamworth is the agricultural processing centre for the North West Slopes with two meat processing firms, poultry processing, a large wheat mill, food processing companies and numerous smaller related organisations.  Cotton and all types of cereal crops abound both in irrigated and dry land forms.  Tamworth is the principal centre for private sector manufacturing and processing.

The Tamworth Agricultural Institute (TAI) is the Department of Primary Industries principal research institute for the cropping zone of northern inland NSW.  It is a Centre of Excellence for Northern Farming Systems and is dedicated to helping ensure agricultural industries and rural communities remain economically viable and sustainable.  TAI is located 10km south-east of the city of Tamworth.  TAI is 332 hectares in area and provides a secure facility for dryland research for the agricultural industries in the region.  TAI accommodates professional research and technical support staff for research and development activities in crop breeding, pathology, grain quality and agronomy programs to drive increased productivity and profitability for northern crop producers.

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