About Me

Hi, my name is Karen Weller and I am shy, friendly and grateful in life.  I have strong family values and a strong work ethic.  Reliability, honesty and self-motivation drives me.  My life is devoted to my husband and our 2 adult sons.  I value the importance of inner harmony and have a passion for personal growth and development.

I grew up on a small farm on the Mid North Coast and have owned properties in the New England and Central West regions before settling on a farm west of Tamworth.  Involved with farming all my life, now in my 40’s and children all grown up, it is time for my own passion to be shared.

The most valued job I have ever had and which I am proud, was raising my 2 boys to adulthood.  I studied child psychology 20 years ago in a dedicated task of raising great men and I am pretty content with my success.  I loved being a Mum and cherished this very important role.  Now my boys, have grown up, moved out and no longer dependent on me.  Now that my “job” is complete, this has left me a little lost and somewhat disconnected with my purpose in life now.

My background is in Agribusiness Management, financial and office management.  Farming is my business but it is not my sole purpose in life.  The quiet peaceful lifestyle of farming is satisfying and the value of the hard work on-farm is significant.

Passion for the future of the agricultural industry is at the forefront of my mind and it is my intention to promote this and the connection to all communities nation-wide.  I feel strongly that Australian’s care about our domestic food chain and sustaining the farming industry.

As a sideline, I also have my own separate business Karen Weller Business Services which I run from my home office.  This is where my passion for writing, inspiration and office organisation is expressed and provided to a broader community.  It is very satisfying to have the opportunity to assist others by using my unique skills and expertise.

I am a member of the Country Women’s Association of NSW, the largest women’s organisation in Australia, and I support their aims to improve the lives of women and their families.  Their vision resonates with me, in providing a forum for the voice of all women, encouraging the viability of rural communities and lobbying for change.  Values of goodwill, friendship, support and understanding is important to me.

My real passion is personal growth and development, and an inner enthusiasm to inspire others through sharing my story.  By using my writing and this Blog, I intend to encourage others along their life journey as well.  I want to inspire you to find your inner strength and motivate you to believe in yourself.  We are all in this together.