Land Use & Farm Management

At 30 June 2017, there were 394 million hectares of agricultural land in Australia.

51% of Australian land is used for agriculture and only 10% is arable.

There are approximately 85,681 farm businesses in Australia.

Almost 99% of farms are wholly Australian owned and operated.

Australia map

Australian farmers produce enough food to feed 60 million people.

Each Australia farmer produces enough food to feed 600 people; 150 other Australians and export enough food to feed 450 people living overseas.

Australian farmers produce 93% of Australia’s daily domestic food supply, making us the 6th most food secure nation.


Farmers help fight hunger in Australia by donating tonnes of produce each year.

The average number of years a person is involved in farming is 37 years.  Queensland has the highest average at 38 years and Northern Territory the lowest at 26 years.

The average age of a farmer is 56 years.