Hello and thank you for joining me!

This is my blog… I am from the COUNTRY, I have a big HEART and my passion reflects a SPARK!  I want to share my thoughts about the challenges of farming life and explain my take on using inspiration to find inner peace.  I want to inspire others through sharing my story and be a personal encouragement to you.  Life is a journey where we try to find the balance in life, work and family.

The agricultural industry is tough and challenging, but a necessity I believe is worth it.  It is worth sustaining our Australian food & fibre products to feed & clothe our nation.

My husband and I own a mixed farming property on the North West Slopes, west of Tamworth, NSW, Australia, where we run a beef cattle operation producing beef and breeding stud Hereford bulls.  We also do some forage cropping and grow out fat lambs.

My real passion is personal growth and development, and an inner enthusiasm to inspire others through sharing my story.  By using my writing and this Blog, I intend to encourage others along their life journey as well.  I want to inspire you to find your own inner strength and motivate you to believe in yourself.

I hope you enjoy the ride with me!


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