Believe In The Magic Of The Christmas Season

It is not what is under the Christmas tree that matters… but those who are gathered around it.  And those who are not present with you but are thought about fondly in those magical moments.  There is not only one meaning for Christmas, but many.

Family is the most important part of Christmas for most people, including me.  It doesn’t matter if your family is sharing Christmas with you… or thinking of you from afar… or even watching over you from above.  There is one common factor… the LOVE in our heart.  Family is the greatest blessing in our life.


This year my eldest son and his girlfriend are hosting Christmas for both families.  A milestone for him… as it is the first Christmas he will host in his own home.  My husband and I will be spending Christmas with my eldest son and share the celebration he has planned.  Although this year it will be different for me, not as the host, making me somewhat anxious.  But I am very excited for him and glad to support this new adventure with him.

Sadly it will also be my first Christmas without the presence of my youngest son, as he is having Christmas with his girlfriend’s family this year.  The anxiety of change affects us all, yet inevitable in keeping family time fair and enjoyable for all.  I will miss him but glad he is able to be a supportive partner this season.

When our children are little and dependent upon us, Christmastime is joyful and filled with laughter in a childlike way.  We watch as gifts are unwrapped, presents enjoyed and we are delighted to make our children happy.  I remember those early years when the boxes and wrapping paper were just as much entertainment as the present itself.  I am sure those with young children will relate to this.

Christmas, Child, Pinheiro

As our children grow up and flee the nest, we have to learn to share them and experience the new ways of celebrating Christmas.  We must learn to accept change and appreciate our children and their new families.

Christmas brings so much love and joy, wherever you are.  Whether it is the delicious food shared, the atmosphere surrounding us, the giving of special gifts or the smiles, hugs and laughter we embrace.

I feel lucky this year to have my own Mum spending Christmas with us too.  I booked her a flight when she agreed to leave her usual Christmas post at her own home.  It really is very exciting to have her spending time with us this Christmas.

My sister’s family are also close-by, so I will fit in a visit to see them all too.  I am very happy for my nieces and nephew that they are able to spend Christmas Day at their own home this year, the first time in nearly 5 years.

Another Christmas we all spend without my Dad or father-in-law, but I know they are here in spirit, with heartfelt hand upon our shoulder.  It is hard emotionally when we lose a loved one and the memory of Christmas changes dramatically.  I choose to focus on how lucky I was to have that person influence me and my life.  I also reflect on those enjoyable and entertaining times we did spend together.  Just knowing of their guidance that I feel all around me… is reassuring and the love remains.

Christmas Tree With Lights

So this Christmas, enjoy time with your family members and good friends.  Cherish all those around you and all those in your heart.  This is a time for sharing, giving and believing.

Christmas is our opportunity to pause for a moment and reflect upon the most important things surrounding us.  Through warmth and joy… Christmas is magical when our loved ones are surrounding us or tucked safely in our heart.  I hope the magic of Christmas is alive and well within your home and peace shines upon you all.  Family is a gift that lasts forever.

Take care, Karen.

“The best gift around the Christmas tree

is the presence of family

wrapped in love.

~ Author Unknown

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