Exposing The Truth On Why I Chose To Write A Blog?

Why on earth do people want to blog?  Why would you want to spend time doing such a thing?  Well for me, it was an emotional outlet… a platform to share and connect with others.  There is something magical about opening your heart to allow others to see the real you. love-1221444__340

It is a way I can remotely share my real-life stories and inspire others along their journey in life.  It is a tool for me to use in order to manage my stress related to the current drought on the farm.  It gives me a voice and somewhere to write my thoughts and feelings.

Why not a journal or diary, some may ask?  I have a passion to help others and I can see a need where others can relate through reading my words.  It gives a sense of support and knowing that we are in this together.  I am passionate about encouraging others to believe in themselves and I aim to inspire others through my own experiences.logo-1677364__340

Conventional writing has taken a back seat, as the tech-savvy readers emerge, reshaping the internet media landscape.  Some people may think that bloggers like to be the centre of attention and regard themselves as their own prime focus.  NO, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

In fact, bloggers are more introverted, sometimes shy, yet have something important to share.  Connections can still be relevant in our changing world through this means.  Bloggers support some sort of cause or have a passion to inspire others or enrich their lives in some way.

For me, blogging started as a result of the drought, when my stress-levels had sky-rocketed.  I had hit rock-bottom in my physical and mental health.  But I was brave enough to seek some professional help and my life started to improve dramatically.


Then I started to see the community drought support right across our nation and this was completely overwhelming.  I wanted to thank the community for all the drought assistance and emotional support they were providing to farmers through the charities.  I wanted you all to know how valuable you all were and what a difference your support was making in all our lives.  Blogging gave me this voice publicly.

Sharing through my daily blogs, helps me keep connected with my family and friends further afield.  My Mum especially loves to read what I write.  I know that she is content knowing that I am doing OK and now serving a greater purpose with my writing.  My non-farming friends and associates have enjoyed reading my blogs and like learning about farming life.  My blog keeps us all connected and informed.

Blogging also gives me the ability to be creative with my website design.  As a perfectionist, I took great pride in designing my website from scratch.  Every time I write a blog, it gives me an opportunity to express myself creatively.  I want it to be a true representation of myself and my passion in life.


It took me a few weeks to feel comfortable enough to reveal who I really was.  Trust does not come easily to me at all.  But I realised that I must trust in the process and allow my purpose in life to be revealed.  The main reason I decided to “expose” myself, was to give credibility and as honesty is my most honourable attribute… it was inevitable.

From there blogging became a commitment to touch others hearts by sharing my personal stories on and off the farm.  I also noticed a need where many others doubted their own abilities and inspiration was needed to guide self-worth for all. heart-2466384__340

There is something to be gained by moving my personal stories from an invisible state into the light for others to see.  When I receive feedback from individuals, thanking me for opening up my heart and sharing my stories… it gives me a sense of fulfillment which is gratifying.  It pleases me that I can support or guide others to find their own answers.

I then realised that blogging had become my own form of stress-relief.  As I typed away at the keyboard, all that mixed-up “stuff” in my head was released.  I literally felt calmer within myself and more centred again.  Life then became harmonious… almost tranquil.

So although farm life hadn’t changed at all and drought feeding demands were still a large burden… my ability to handle the situation had changed dramatically.  Instead of feeling complete exhaustion, emotionally chaotic and unable to cope with these challenges… I became more focused and capable of the work involved.

Karen Nov 2018

Sometimes, I feel a little selfish when I write my blog… as I am addicted to that feeling of knowing that it gives me the inner strength I need daily.  It helps me to find my inner thoughts and to move forward in my own life.  It has become almost therapeutic and a daily ritual for me.  Writing is what I love… the words just seem to flow from within.

But the greatest satisfaction is… knowing that my words have impacted on other people.  Knowing that I have inspired somebody else.  Knowing that my words give them the support they need and a connection between us all.  Knowing that sharing my personal experiences will help someone else every single day.  This is what truly gives me a sense of serene contentment.

Take care, Karen.


it’s more than just me at a keyboard.

It’s the universe converging within

the pandemonium of my mind,

and turning it into something


~ Lyndsay Everotm, A Writers Thoughts.



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