Rural Reflections #1

My new WEEKLY FEATURE you can look forward to is “Rural Reflections”.  This new feature is armed with an exclusive photo from my farming property.  It will also be accompanied by an inspirational and uplifting message within.

I will publish “Rural Reflections” every week as a commitment to share my passion with you all and give a brief vision into my own life.  My personal photos included in “Rural Reflections” will be subject to copyright.

I hope you enjoy following my new Weekly Feature giving you a small insight into farming life.  I look forward to sharing my passion and hope to inspire you all in your own everyday life.

Rural Reflection #1…

01 Under a Beautiful Pink Sky on Dusk

image subject to copyright

This photo was taken in August 2017 when our property had green Winter feed.  It was almost on dark, with the moon shining beautifully upon a pink sky and blue clouds.

I really like this photo with the gorgeous contrast of colours and the vastness it creates.

It was the perfect photo to choose for “Country Heart Spark” as it creates a sense of calmness and beauty.  So I would like to introduce my new “Country Heart Spark” icon.


image subject to copyright

The underlying photo is a symbolisation of the “country” rural areas across our nation and also a part of my home property.  The addition of the red “heart” represents the passion I have for the rural industry and within my life.  The purple and pink markings signify the “spark” within me and the ability to share my inspiration through my writing.  The glowing moon brings it all together and reminds us to look for the beauty within.

Take care, Karen.


“No beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart.”

~ Author Unknown





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