Tough Day Ended With A Smile

Have you had one of those days when everything seems to go the wrong way?  No matter what your plan is for the day, life just gets in the way.  Farm life… is always throwing something at you.

What a tough wayward day that sprung on me today!  Working very conscientiously in my office until mid-morning, when the husband asks for help to get a heifer into the yards.  (A heifer is a cow that has never born a calf before.)

Of course, I help.

Now calving season is upon us, and emerging from a drought, following rain, there is a lot of green feed on our farm.  This drought recovery period can create problems for cows, leading to calving difficulties as the calf grows too quickly in the uterus in the last few months.  So we have to keep checking the cows daily, especially the heifers, just in case there may be a calving problem.

So we get the beautiful heifer into the yards and husband does what most farmers do to assist her in the delivery.  Big problem… as the calf’s head is twisted around backward and almost upside down.  Frustration and exhaustion for the farmer, as time is spent trying to turn the calf’s head into the correct position for delivery.  It is just too big and not enough room inside the uterus.  But the calf is still alive… at this stage.

Since we usually breed for ease of calving and select bulls accordingly, the frustration is mounting.  Then comes the phone call to the Veterinarian.  A phone call that farmers prefer to do without, as this means more business costs, when finances are already at an all-time low.

As a farmer, we do all we can for the wellbeing of our animals, as they are our livelihood.

The keen young Vet arrives an hour later and spends hours trying to correct the abnormal presentation of the calf but to no avail.  By now the calf is dead inside as it has taken too long for the birth.

One ordeal follows another… then a Caesarean Section is required.  The quiet heifer is patient, almost understanding, as the Vet performs a difficult Caesarean, needing lots of physical assistance.  The dead calf is removed from the uterus and she starts to suture the uterus back up, but that led to complications.

Late afternoon, the Vet was tiring and needing extra assistance, so she phones for a second Vet to attend.  The heifer is obviously uncomfortable but still cooperating.  Just on dark, 2 Vets and husband finally get her all sutured up, given her fluids and medications, then she is back on her feet just needing some time to heal.

It was a mentally and physically tiring day, with frustration all around.  My day was full of interruption, distraction and nothing went to plan.  Do you find these sort of days, throw you out of order and routine?  The trouble with focusing and juggling tasks in our lives.

Life is overwhelming at times… for all of us.

But my day ended on a high note.  Despite feeling overwhelmed, tonight I still attended a scheduled group Live event (virtually) on Facebook with Katie Godden – Bulletproof Coaching.  Reliability and commitment are important to me.  It was her personality, her energy, and her enthusiasm, all wrapped up in her smile.  A shower of support.

This reminded me of the important things in life.  My values, my family, my businesses, and a compelling future.  What is it for you?  We all have something that inspires us, that motivates us and that lights us up.

Instead of focusing on my tough day, worrying about everything that went wrong and what I did not get done… I choose to focus on what went right and appreciate the good things in life.

The heifer survived the ordeal and will heal.  I got to see my youngest son at lunchtime when he turned up and gave us a hand.  Family is important and will help when they can.  Surround yourself with good people that inspire you, challenge you, motivate you and believe in you.

So no matter how tough of a day… look for the good people around you, refocus on what is important and make every effort to be the best version of yourself.  Be true to yourself, do what matters, and believe there is always something great about to happen.

Take care, Karen.


Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow.  It empties today of it’s strength.”

~ Corrie ten Boom, Dutch watchmaker.

Rural Reflections #3

Where does your road lead you to?  We all have a long and winding road within our lives.  Our journey along this road… is what we make of it.

We need to appreciate the journey and not look for a final destination in our lives.  Appreciate our loved ones that we share this road with.  Appreciate the natural beauty all around us.  And appreciate the heart and soul within us all.

After a busy weekend on the farm, family commitments and a bought of heat exhaustion… my reflection is a little late this time.  The never-ending tasks on the farm and the workload 7 days a week, more so as a result of drought as time becomes a limiting factor… is tiring me.  It has left me thinking about what is really important in our lives.  Our family, our loved ones, those that our lives revolve around… these people are the ones we need to cherish and hold dearly.

I spent my Sunday mustering stock, early weaning calves, weighing stud cattle and organising some cows to sell to pay a few bills.  The dry and dusty conditions and the heat makes it a very tiring day.  The usual early start to beat the heat and finally a late dinner by 8:30pm.  Then comes the paperwork and updating computer records to meet record-keeping requirements on-farm.  I finished at 1:00am in the morning.

So then only 4 and a half hours sleep before Monday morning weighing lambs and sending the lambs off to market.  The lack of sleep coupled with the heat, left me with heat exhaustion.  By 4:30pm yesterday and the shock of vomiting, as weakness and vagueness set in, I gave in to the exhaustion and lay on down.  I awoke in a daze over 2 hours later, confused somewhat but ready for dinner.  No office work that evening at all.  I made a dinner from leftovers in the fridge, showered and watched a nice movie on television.  An enjoyable evening and one that has become a rarity.  Relaxation has been lost this last year… and is greatly missed.

Today as my office work is piling up and I procrastinate as to where to start, I decide to write this blog first.  My chance to unwind mentally and share a part of my life with you all.  I reflected on the relevance of the photo I have chosen for today.

Rural Reflection #3…

03 Road Well-travelled Leading on Home

image subject to copyright

This photo shows the driveway to my property and my home near Tamworth NSW.  It was taken in April 2017 in the Autumn, when the green aspect was the norm.  I really like the dark green tree on the right for its facade and shape but I have no idea what sort of tree it actually is.  Does anybody recognise what tree this may be?

I like this photo as it depicts a road well-travelled and a road that leads on home.  It also reflects a better season than what is upon us right now and reminds me that one day the drought will be over and we will see this green scenery once again.

Sometimes life just gets too busy that we do not stop to appreciate the simple things in our life.  I can look at this photo and know that whatever challenges I have to face… I still have a road that leads to home and a haven where I can also find my own inner peace and where my happiness now resides.

As my sons have grown up now and living their own lives independently, I also hope they see a road that leads them back home to us to appreciate their history and the roots of our family.  I also hope that they find their own future happiness and be able to continue to return along this road… to where a loving family awaits their cherished visits.

One thing we must all understand… it is not the home and materialistic objects in our lives, that are of value.  It is the people, our loved ones in our lives… that make our home a home.  The road that we follow in our life, is one that we carve out.  A road that leads us to our own true happiness.

Take care, Karen.

“Chase your dreams

but always know the road

that’ll lead you home again.”

~ Tim McGraw


The Eternal Love We Have For Our Children

How much do our children mean to us?  As a mother, I think our children are at the top of our priority list.  They cannot be replaced, they make us proud, you love them unconditionally, you simply want them to be happy.  Nobody else will ever know the strength of love that we have for our children.  They are the only ones to know what our heart sounds like from the inside, imprinting on us immensely right from the start.

I have 2 wonderful sons, now in their early twenties, living their own unique lives independently.  They will probably not understand, until they have children of their own, how loved and meaningful they truly are to me.

In those early years, I think a lot of us do not comprehend the significance that we make in our parents lives.  It wasn’t until I become a mother, that I truly did appreciate and re-evaluate the extent of the relationship with my parents.  I think it is then, that I finely appreciated and formed a lasting friendship with my own mother.  To watch a grandmother display her love and affection to her new grandchildren, is the most beautiful and selfless act one could see.

My sons were fortunate to have been raised on a farm too, giving them the freedom and space to evolve.  Boys and mud, went hand in hand, nearly every day.  I remember when they were newborns, all I wanted to do was stare at their beautiful faces and tiny helpless hands.  The love was overflowing, but also burdened with new responsibilities.

When my boys were toddlers and dragged along to cattle sales or farm outings, they would take their bag of matchbox cars and plastic farm animals.  I was always amazed how they created their own fun and their personalities were coming through.  They would make car tracks in the dirt and have pretend cattle sales in the background.

As they got older, there was always the inconvenience that they lived too far from town and never got to do the things that their peers were doing.  But weekly sport involvement, weekend entertainment and other extra-curricular activities, ensured they were able to keep up with things the best way possible.

Then they mature and find their own paths in life.  It gives me a sense of contentment and pride.  My work is done.  But they still need reminding in life, how much they are loved by us and that we will support them always.  No matter how big they get, they will always be our babies in our hearts and our love will be eternal.

Our children need to understand that when we say “I love you”… this is not by habit… it is to remind them that they are the best thing that ever happened to us and they bring us so much joy.  Mothers think about their children every single day at all hours, even if they are not with her.

There is no right or wrong way to raise children whilst ever we love them and want them to grow into loving respectful people.  Doesn’t matter if we breast-feed or bottle-feed… a single parent or a couple… work full-time with childcare or a stay-at-home Mum… or even live in the city or country.  One way is not better than the other.  There is no competition needed.

Each family is unique and each child is unique and that is what makes our lives so interesting.  No family is perfect… we all have our own problems and find our own way to work through them.  As a parent, just do the best job you can with the knowledge and expertise that you have.  And enjoy the process of raising your beautiful children to adulthood.

Take care, Karen.

“A mother holds her children’s hands for a while,

but their hearts forever.”

~ Author Unknown


The Journey Begins

Hello and thank you for joining me!

I want to bring inspiration to you all by sharing my thoughts in the real world of family farming as well as balancing work & life in general.  And to keep you all focused on what we are all doing, in this very tough industry.   It is a journey and one I believe is worth it.  It is worth sustaining our Australian food & fibre products to feed & clothe our nation.  It is with the help of charities that some farmers are keeping focus and relying on their kind support and the generous donations from their communities.  A quiet sense of appreciation is displaced all over the states.

To introduce myself, I am a devoted wife and mother of two adult children and now a first-time blogger.  My husband and I own a mixed farming property near Tamworth NSW Australia, mainly running cattle and sheep.  We have been farming all our lives and have experienced the pleasure of coastal living as well as western farmland. Our life has been quite a journey, we have had our ups and downs, but plenty of chapters to write along the way.

Farming is no longer just a lifestyle, it is a business.  A business that does require hard work, leadership, motivation, time & effort.  However in this big wide world, it can be overwhelming sometimes for us all that we forget to look after ourselves.  I for one need inspiration to keep me focused.  Learning to be grateful and appreciate the small things in life.

There has been so much kindness and generosity exposed during the current drought, that it expresses we are in this together.  It is bridging the gap between country bumkins and there city cousins.  It is uniting all walks of life.  To witness these good things that come out of such devastating times is remarkable.

I am looking forward to sharing my life journey with you all and appreciate our connections regardless of where you are.  I will share the struggles of farming life, discuss the emotional world of women and explain my take on using inspiration to find inner peace.  My webpage sums it all up….I am from the COUNTRY, I have a big HEART and my passion is about to SPARK!

Take care, Karen

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton