The Journey Begins

Hello and thank you for joining me!

I want to bring inspiration to you all by sharing my thoughts in the real world of family farming as well as balancing work & life in general.  And to keep you all focused on what we are all doing, in this very tough industry.   It is a journey and one I believe is worth it.  It is worth sustaining our Australian food & fibre products to feed & clothe our nation.  It is with the help of charities that some farmers are keeping focus and relying on their kind support and the generous donations from their communities.  A quiet sense of appreciation is displaced all over the states.

To introduce myself, I am a devoted wife and mother of two adult children and now a first-time blogger.  My husband and I own a mixed farming property near Tamworth NSW Australia, mainly running cattle and sheep.  We have been farming all our lives and have experienced the pleasure of coastal living as well as western farmland. Our life has been quite a journey, we have had our ups and downs, but plenty of chapters to write along the way.

Farming is no longer just a lifestyle, it is a business.  A business that does require hard work, leadership, motivation, time & effort.  However in this big wide world, it can be overwhelming sometimes for us all that we forget to look after ourselves.  I for one need inspiration to keep me focused.  Learning to be grateful and appreciate the small things in life.

There has been so much kindness and generosity exposed during the current drought, that it expresses we are in this together.  It is bridging the gap between country bumkins and there city cousins.  It is uniting all walks of life.  To witness these good things that come out of such devastating times is remarkable.

I am looking forward to sharing my life journey with you all and appreciate our connections regardless of where you are.  I will share the struggles of farming life, discuss the emotional world of women and explain my take on using inspiration to find inner peace.  My webpage sums it all up….I am from the COUNTRY, I have a big HEART and my passion is about to SPARK!

Take care, Karen

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton



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