How to Find Your True Beauty Without Feeling Fake

We spend most of our lives trying to fit in, be the person we think we should be and losing that true beauty within.  Why does it take us so long to feel comfortable in our own skin?  Why do we feel the need to be like others and not value the differences that make us so unique?

The beauty in life works magically, when everyone is being there true self and owning who they really are.  It really is magic, when you finally realise… being yourself is what makes you beautiful.

To be able to be yourself, in a complicated world, that is constantly trying to make you something else, will be the greatest accomplishment in life.  Be who you really are and say what you really feel.  Practice being grateful, be kind and understanding towards others, forgive yourself and accept yourself for the real person you are.  You don’t need to be like others, be yourself and life will fall into place naturally.

Challenge your own thinking with reason and logic.  Pay attention to your thoughts and learn to recognise when your ego is corrupting the process.  Take charge, be unique, find your worth, become the person that you love and respect.

Nothing makes a woman more beautiful, than the personal belief that she is beautiful.  Believe in yourself.  Have the courage, to allow yourself… to be yourself.  And watch the magic begin.

Take care, Karen.

“Beauty Begins the Moment you Decide to be Yourself” ~ Coco Chanel



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