Our Men Matter so give them a Special Day

Well, all day I thought it was International Men’s Day, the day to celebrate the positive value that men bring into our lives.  Yes… there is such a day allocated for our ‘men’… don’t be so surprised!  But it was on Monday, not today.

Nevertheless, I have been thinking all day about the men that have influenced me and shaped me into the woman I have become, so I still want to take this opportunity to share with you, the 5 wonderful men in my life.  What makes them so special you ask… they have always believed in me… something I do cherish greatly.  They have faith in me, they trust me, they want me to be happy and I believe they are all proud of me.

My husband is at the top of the list, without a doubt.  We have been married for 24 years and I still truly love being his wife.  I still enjoy his company every day.  He makes me strive to be better, do better and love the moment.  He is my rock, he keeps me grounded, focused and passionate in what I do.

Don’t get me wrong, it is not all a ‘bed of roses’.  In life we have our ups and downs like any relationship and sometimes he drives me crazy.  But it is how you get through, how you protect each others self-esteem, how we keep each other as number one and display devotion.

Now he is not romantic, but a typical old-fashioned farmer.  So no, he did not romance me at all, but he keeps me interested with his warped sense of humour, love for life and everyday loving appreciation and support.  He is practical, dependable and honest.  His strong belief in me with all that I do and the personal encouragement, keeps me strong and passionate to be the best I can be.  I am entirely grateful that our paths crossed in life and I value him greatly.

My journey in life began with a supportive father… a man that made me believe I could do anything in life.  A hard-working father, that watched from the sidelines, yet was there when needed.  He had the knack of taking a problem and allowing you to look at it objectively, gave advice when needed, then let you make your own mistake to learn the lesson.  I was always able to be open in discussion with my Dad and valued him for listening and guiding me throughout my childhood.  He was always proud of me and openly displayed it.  He could always pick up when something wasn’t quite right, giving me the confidence to be honest.  Sadly we lost my Dad 3 years ago, but he is remembered fondly for the impact he had in shaping me in those early years.

Strangely, another man of value in my life, was my father-in-law.  I say was, because we lost him 8 years ago in a tragic accident.  He was a man, almost like a second father, always there in my married life, sharing dinner several times a week.  Quite often I would see him, more than my husband, because he was renowned for liking his cuppa’s.  He would always arrive unannounced, ready for morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea or dinner (or several a day).  It used to drive me crazy sometimes, but I learned a very big lesson after he passed.  His purpose in life was to slow us down and allow us to appreciate the small things in life.  He was the most kindest, selfless, generous, helpful man that anyone could come across.  He was always there to help if needed.  He had a big influence upon me, because he believed in me, sometimes more than me.  He used to think I could do anything and I valued his respect.  He is sadly missed.

My life is surrounded by men.  Not only did I have these supportive males in my life, I then bring 2 boys into this world.  Raising two wonderful boys, only 18 months apart, the best part of my life.  The joy and entertainment they brought us, the laughter, the tears, the wonderful moments.  Now they have grown up in their early 20’s.  As a mum, I sit back proudly as they carve their own lives.

My eldest son is fun-loving, adventurous, independent and determined to live life to the fullest.  He inherited his father’s warped sense of humour, so always makes me smile.  He is private and emotions are hidden, a little reserved.  He has a beautiful mind, clever and dedicated.  I love his optimism and enthusiasm in life.  His love for life reminds me to see the good things every day.  His practical attitude keeps me grounded too.

My youngest son is kind, warm-hearted, dependable, generous, independent, with a quiet and gentle nature.  He is down-to-earth, friendly and radiates calmness.  He is a hard-worker and is clever and creative in all that he does.  He likes to be seen as a big tough guy but really underneath he is a quiet pussy cat.  I love his cuddles and he brings me so much joy without even realising it.  He has a special connection to the land which is very inspiring.

I feel so lucky to have 2 remarkable and caring sons.  Raising them was an absolute joy, a job that inspired me everyday.  But to see the wonderful men they have become and now independently creating their own lives… is an inspiration in itself.

I am blessed to have these 5 remarkable men as a part of my life.  They deserve my  celebration today for having a positive impact to the way I live my life today.  So Happy International Men’s Day (although a little late)… a day that does deserve recognition, for the unique traits that men bring into our lives each and every day.

Take care, Karen.

“Surround yourself with people who see your value and remind you of it.”

~ Author Unknown



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