Hardy Hereford Beef is the Boss

Hereford cattle are renowned for their docility or quiet temperament.  But they will also give you excellent feed conversion, hardiness, good fertility traits, easy calving ability and outstanding growth.  These whiteface cattle provide high performance in the beef industry with excellent meat quality and marbling.  The new brand of “Hereford Boss” beef products, grass-fed and a result of consumer demand… lets us taste the difference.

Originating from Herefordshire in south-west England, the british breed of cattle were imported to Australia in 1826 and a year later to mainland Australia.  Further importations in the 1840’s is where it all began.

Hereford cattle are found across Australia in all extremes of environment due to their adaptability.  The hereford has the ability to perform well on a wide range of pastoral conditions, still retaining its good fertility, docility and a top-quality carcase.  The impact of drought on hereford cattle has proved their hardiness and fertility traits.

Their distinctive white face tends to dominate when crossed with all other breeds and was probably the feature, as the popularity of the breed was established.  Hereford and hereford cross weaners still seem to have the most efficient weight gain for age conversion.

Hereford beef has long been recognised for its superb eating qualities.  It is very exciting to have the new “Hereford Boss” brand, the most tender and flavoursome beef product produced in Australia and in the top 10% of all MSA graded beef.  “Hereford Boss” is uniquely grass-fed for life and the most natural beef product available.

The “Hereford Boss” program was developed in consultation with cattle producers, processors and most importantly the end users – consumers.  The program and grading gives consumers the confidence that the eating quality of the breed is consistent.  For more information on Hereford Boss and to taste the difference, click here.

Beef is good for you and it provides nutrients like zinc, iron, protein and B vitamins.  Plus half the fat found in beef is monounsaturated, the same healthy-heart fats found in avocadoes.  Just remember to save our beef industry and eat more beef!

Take care, Karen.

  “7 Days without beef makes one weak”

 ~ Author Unknown



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