Rural Reflections #20

Happy Mother’s Day to all the incredible mothers, grandmothers and maternal figures in our lives… for shaping us into the wonderful people that we are.  My greatest achievement in life has been my role as a loving mother and has given me so much joy over the years.  Yes, there were plenty of tears as well… but the joy that our children bring is beyond comprehension.

I am very fortunate to also have a wonderful mother that loved me unconditionally, provided me with advice when needed, gave me the freedom to make my own mistakes and learn from them, instilled morals and ethics within my soul, and shares a mutual passion for helping others, showing kindness, compassion and connection within a community.  She has been my guidance and her personality enriches me.

My passion for motherhood is the one thing that has driven me my whole entire life.  Our children… wanting the best for them, allowing them the freedom to be themselves, encouraging their differences and providing love, understanding and support is at the heart of what a mother does.

Today, as I think about motherhood, my adult children, my own mother and all those mothers doing the best job they can… today is in honour of you and the important role you play in shaping the next generation.

It makes me proud to be a mother and know that I have brought another human being into this world… educated them, loved them unconditionally, guided them and proudly watched them develop into their own self.  Whatever part of that journey you are on… enjoy the beautiful opportunities before you.

As I reflect on motherhood and my children, I decided to share this photo with you today.  An image of a microlight within the sky, as one of my sons, comes back to land upon our property.  My husband and our 2 sons, were taken above in 3 individual microlights for an aviation adventure one afternoon back in September 2011.

Rural Reflection #20…

20 Microlight at Sunset

image subject to copyright

An exciting adventure that each of them were fortunate to experience.  The highlight was to see aerial views of our own farming property as well as surrounding farmland and towns.  I was far too scared myself, to go up in these lightweight machines, but so happy to see my loved ones enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

I love this photo of one of the microlights coming back home with the beautiful sunset shining a light upon them.  The colours within the sky were beautiful as I snapped this image.

Sometimes in our lives, opportunities present themselves and it is up to us to take these opportunities and enjoy something different from the everyday routine in our lives.  This photo depicts so much happiness for me, as I see my family members being brought back home safely and with excitement in their eyes and an appreciation for this unique experience.

Enjoy those special people in your life… for those that love you, for those that teach you and for those that uplift you.  Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mothers and maternal figures in our lives.

Take care, Karen.


is a choice you make everyday

to put someone else’s happiness and well-being 

ahead of your own

to teach the hard lessons

to do the right thing

even when you’re not sure what the right thing is…

and to forgive yourself

over and over again

for doing everything wrong.”

~ Donna Bell




Launching…My Journal ~ Inspiration for Inner Strength

It is now available.  My first heartfelt gift created for family or friends.  I created this unique Journal to inspire the holder to find their own inner strength.  I have used my own self-motivating quotes that inspire passion in life.  I encourage the holder to believe in themselves and give gentle guidance in finding the happiness that is contained within.  It allows a welcoming personal space for one to express their inner thoughts, during their own personal development journey.

I am really proud of this book “My Journal” and the purpose it has been created for.  Writing in a journal provides a means to express yourself, resulting in mental clarity and a personal connection to deep inner thoughts and feelings.

Journals are used worldwide for a variety of reasons.  Some people like to record their daily happenings, celebrate accomplishments, overcome frustrations, break down their goals into actionable events, capture brilliant ideas or divulge in words of wisdom.  For whatever reason one is able to express themselves in words… it becomes a self-healing, self-motivating or restoration of self-control.

For individuals to combat your struggles with daily stress, depression or anxiety… writing in a journal can help you gain control of your emotions and improve your mental health and well-being.  There is no better place to start than right here, right now.

Stress… stress… stress… it is all around us, it is consuming us every day.  An overabundance of stress is damaging to our health… physically, mentally and emotionally.  It has been proven over many years, that journaling is the most widely used and most effective stress management tool.  Writing about stressful events can help you bring mental clarity and help manage stress in a more healthy way.   

Writing in a Journal will improve your mental clarity, can help you solve problems in your life and will improve your overall focus and goals.   Basically, it is a tool to clear our mental clutter.  By writing in a Journal, it gives the opportunity to transfer the problem from your head to the paper.  And it works!

So today I am excited to bring you “My Journal” with a powerhouse of my personal quotes to inspire you to make a difference in your world, give you focus and believe you are worth it.  For only AUD$14.00 you can share my passion and inspiration with a loved one, a friend or a gift just for yourself.  To preview “My Journal” or order a copy, please visit Blurb.

I do hope you or the receiver of this gift… enjoy “My Journal” and the inspiration it will bring.  I am so happy to be able to share my passion with you all and hope you all find that inner strength in your life and the happiness within… reigns upon you.

Take care, Karen.

My Journal

“Who you are


begins with what you do


~ Tim Fargo,

American Author & Keynote Speaker

Own Who You Are, With Audacity

Every single one of us is so unique and perfectly created to be somebody or do something important in life.  Why do we cringe and sway away from the real person we truly are?  Just to fit in within our lives… our work, our family, our social circle… and be the “picture” of the person we think we should be and for others to see.

Sometimes it takes us years to figure it out… to realise that this is crazy.  We deserve to be true to ourselves.  We deserve happiness…. the happiness that lies within us… when we allow the real person within us to be revealed.  And when we discover that person, own it and be bold and fearless in your purpose.

Today I would like to give recognition to three other bloggers, that inspire me… with their wisdom, their compassion towards others and the respect for themselves.  Three strangers whom I have never met… yet I feel like I do know them somewhat, through their personal stories and the way they express themselves in words.

RAMBLINGS OF A WALLFLOWER with Dewni, sharing her thoughts and looking for her place in the world.  It was her blog Embrace Your Magic… that initially inspired me today.  Dewni’s advice is simply stated and is perfectionism in itself “Listen to the depths of your heart and embrace your true self”.

We are told throughout our lives, directly and indirectly, until we tell ourselves subconsciously… we need to fit in and be more like everyone else.  That is an unnecessary and enormous burden for us to carry.  But when we realise that we can let go of that false notion of perfectionism within society… and be less like everyone else… life magically changes when we take that step to just be ourself.

On a personal level, I have married a farmer, an honest man that just thrives in the outdoors and has a love for animals and a passion for breeding livestock.  My love for him in supporting his dreams and being a mother to our children has motivated me for 25 years.  But sadly I try to “fit in” within the farming industry, and part of it fits but many parts do not.  I do have a strong belief in the future and importance of the agricultural industry, but I do not have a love for the hands-on farm work.  So in the process of owning who I am… I now know that I can be an advocate for the rural industry and enjoy my country lifestyle and surroundings.  But I know that I do not need to pretend that I am something that I am not.  We all need to work out exactly who we are, enjoy the process and embrace what we find.

Secondly, BITTERSWEET TURNS with Priya, using tales and fantasy in this medium to depict deep emotions and feelings.  I was captivated by this young women’s blog today Will Power and how she describes that “will power is driven by the WHY of your life”.  I think she is spot on with her analogy, as everything we do has a connection to the WHY.  As she says “the key is to find the why” and we need to be very honest with ourselves to do this.

For me personally… “WHY do you want to farm livestock in a drought-ridden environment?”.  Well, I love my husband and I support him entirely with our farming business.  I love administration and the business models that I am able to utilise to sustain our business.  The drought is somewhat a temporary setback, one that in Australia will be present at times and the weather will turn and be on our side again.  I also believe whole-heartedly that the future of the Australian agricultural industry is important to sustain, so we can feed and clothe our nation and export to other countries for the benefit of our economy.  It is this passion that motivates me to continue in the farming industry.

On another level… “WHY do you want to write a blog?”.  Well, it really started as a way to release my own emotions while suffering from depression and anxiety during this current drought on the farm and coping with changes in my life.  I felt compelled to not hide behind the medication, but to voice my experiences with the world, in a hope to help somebody else going through a tough time.  I wanted to reach out… so others knew they were not alone.

I then was able to be myself… and developed a real passion to motivate others to believe in themselves and accept themselves for who they are.  As I touch others lives and have the ability to support someone else, to encourage someone else… my compassion is able to be shared through these means.  I have raised my 2 sons to adulthood and completed the mothering role for years, now I want to share my warm-hearted and loving nature with others.  I may not be able to put it into words verbally and can be a bit of an introvert, so my blog allows me to reach into the depth of my subconscious and share my empathy and inspiration in a unique way.  This is now my gift and my purpose in life… and I love that I can be who I really am.  I am a writer and I have something to say.

My third and final inspiration for today is from Forty Something Life As We Know It where a fellow blogger shares her journey in life and in her words “searching for wisdom”.  I think she under-estimates the wisdom she actually shares with readers.  I really enjoy her regular blog and inspiring messages. Two simple messages that she shared today, really touched me and is relevant to the content that I write of today.

Her blog How it is supposed to be… has this simple message and is so true… “What screws us up most in life is the picture in our head of how it is supposed to be”.  I think we all have this false perception and are sometimes provoked to be something else.  It is our impression that this image is what we strive for.  We need to take a step back, re-evaluate our passion and our interests… and then just be ourselves and daringly move forward.  Life as we know it, may just change for the better, as we discover the “real” person within and contentment follows.

Another message on her blog It just blooms… “A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms”.  I find this to be an impressive analogy to our friends and associates in our lives.  There is no need to compete with each other, to outdo one another or to be better than another.  If we just be ourselves… we will magically blossom and shine.

Sadly it sometimes takes many years for us to find out who we really are… as we grow and mature over the years.  But it is never too late… to really delve into your own personality, embrace it and courageously reveal the “real” you.  It really is worth it, to accept who you are, imperfections and all… I assure you that you are “imperfectly perfect” and wonderfully unique.  It is with audacity… that you can then OWN WHO YOU ARE and success can reign on you.

Take care, Karen.


“Be who you are

not who the world wants you to be”

~ Author Unknown



Rural Reflections #3

Where does your road lead you to?  We all have a long and winding road within our lives.  Our journey along this road… is what we make of it.

We need to appreciate the journey and not look for a final destination in our lives.  Appreciate our loved ones that we share this road with.  Appreciate the natural beauty all around us.  And appreciate the heart and soul within us all.

After a busy weekend on the farm, family commitments and a bought of heat exhaustion… my reflection is a little late this time.  The never-ending tasks on the farm and the workload 7 days a week, more so as a result of drought as time becomes a limiting factor… is tiring me.  It has left me thinking about what is really important in our lives.  Our family, our loved ones, those that our lives revolve around… these people are the ones we need to cherish and hold dearly.

I spent my Sunday mustering stock, early weaning calves, weighing stud cattle and organising some cows to sell to pay a few bills.  The dry and dusty conditions and the heat makes it a very tiring day.  The usual early start to beat the heat and finally a late dinner by 8:30pm.  Then comes the paperwork and updating computer records to meet record-keeping requirements on-farm.  I finished at 1:00am in the morning.

So then only 4 and a half hours sleep before Monday morning weighing lambs and sending the lambs off to market.  The lack of sleep coupled with the heat, left me with heat exhaustion.  By 4:30pm yesterday and the shock of vomiting, as weakness and vagueness set in, I gave in to the exhaustion and lay on down.  I awoke in a daze over 2 hours later, confused somewhat but ready for dinner.  No office work that evening at all.  I made a dinner from leftovers in the fridge, showered and watched a nice movie on television.  An enjoyable evening and one that has become a rarity.  Relaxation has been lost this last year… and is greatly missed.

Today as my office work is piling up and I procrastinate as to where to start, I decide to write this blog first.  My chance to unwind mentally and share a part of my life with you all.  I reflected on the relevance of the photo I have chosen for today.

Rural Reflection #3…

03 Road Well-travelled Leading on Home

image subject to copyright

This photo shows the driveway to my property and my home near Tamworth NSW.  It was taken in April 2017 in the Autumn, when the green aspect was the norm.  I really like the dark green tree on the right for its facade and shape but I have no idea what sort of tree it actually is.  Does anybody recognise what tree this may be?

I like this photo as it depicts a road well-travelled and a road that leads on home.  It also reflects a better season than what is upon us right now and reminds me that one day the drought will be over and we will see this green scenery once again.

Sometimes life just gets too busy that we do not stop to appreciate the simple things in our life.  I can look at this photo and know that whatever challenges I have to face… I still have a road that leads to home and a haven where I can also find my own inner peace and where my happiness now resides.

As my sons have grown up now and living their own lives independently, I also hope they see a road that leads them back home to us to appreciate their history and the roots of our family.  I also hope that they find their own future happiness and be able to continue to return along this road… to where a loving family awaits their cherished visits.

One thing we must all understand… it is not the home and materialistic objects in our lives, that are of value.  It is the people, our loved ones in our lives… that make our home a home.  The road that we follow in our life, is one that we carve out.  A road that leads us to our own true happiness.

Take care, Karen.

“Chase your dreams

but always know the road

that’ll lead you home again.”

~ Tim McGraw


The Truth About Our Pursuit of Happiness

Every now and then, it is a good idea to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.  To often, we are looking ahead pursuing the next big thing in life, something to make it better, for you to do better, seeking that missing thing to make your life better.

We think we will be happy if we can just get that promotion, find a partner, have a baby to love, earn some more money, win lotto, buy that new car, buy a nicer house… an endless yearning for something more.  We are mistaken.  We need to learn how to just be happy in the moment.  Appreciate the little things we have in our life right now.

Let’s not look for reasons to be unhappy…let’s focus on what we do have in our life, and see the reasons why we should be happy.   While we pursue happiness… contentment will never be found.  Contentment is a realisation of what you already have.

Happiness will come to those who have an appreciation for the moment.  Sometimes the greenest grass is right beneath our feet.  Real happiness comes from within.  Doing good unto others, being helpful, kind and loving, and being true to yourself… this is what will bring you real happiness.

Take care, Karen.

“Happiness is letting go of what you think your life is supposed to look like,

and enjoying it for everything that it is.”

~ Mandy Hale


15 Ways to Become a Better Version of Yourself

Everybody wants to be a better person, to be more successful, to make our loved ones happy, to be able to motivate ourselves to do a better job, the list is endless.  We need to take our past experiences in life and learn the lesson to be able to move forward.

We are all human… we have weaknesses and we make mistakes.  The trick is learning from this to find the better version of yourself within.

Life is the journey and becoming better every day is the goal.

  • Be Yourself – It is important that we don’t lose touch with our values, morals and beliefs.  Own your identity and feel comfortable within your own skin.  Focus on your direction and purpose in life.
  • Appreciate the Present – Learn from the past and let it go.  Appreciate and live in the present because the future is not here yet.  The present moment IS life and it is NOT an obstacle in our path.
  • Communicate – A wise person is full of questions and a dull person thinks they know all the answers.  Also be a good listener to connect with others.  Everyone needs to have a voice and it is second nature to want to be understood.
  • Be Polite – Use “please” and “thank you” it takes no extra effort.  An act of kindness can make someone else’s day.  Other people’s behaviour does not have to determine yours.
  • Smile – It is contagious and can lift not only your own spirits but will be passed on to the next person, and so on.  Smiling will improve our mood, give us health benefits and make us feel good.
  • Compliment Yourself – Every day give yourself a compliment which will give you an emotional boost and make you feel happy.  Compliment yourself about your hair, about a task that you just completed, about a new skill that you tried, anything at all.
  • Let Go of Anger – Anger is a normal emotion but don’t let it build up and effect your health.  We can learn how to manage anger through our own thoughts, a journal or relaxation.  Anger will make us make bad decisions.
  • Show Forgiveness – Not only to yourself but to others.  Let go of resentment, it serves no purpose in life.  The act of forgiving others is not to “let them off the hook”, it is to give release yourself, let it go and not control you anymore.
  • Stop Making Excuses – Don’t blame others or make excuses if you do not feel happy within.  We own up and learn from our mistakes to move forward.
  • Be Honest – Speak honestly and in an open manner to secure trust.  Honesty secures the haven for trust.
  • Have a Go – It is better to create something that someone criticises, than to create nothing at all and criticise others.
  • Be Helpful – This is one of the easiest ways to effectively be a better person.  Help our partner, help a stranger, assist a charity.  It is a win-win situation and everyone feels better.
  • Be Flexible – Be open to change, try new activities, step outside our comfort zone and challenge our self-confidence.  We must be able to change our mind if the information presented contradicts our beliefs.  Don’t be stubborn.
  • Be Optimistic – Think positive thoughts and approach life with the “glass half-full” attitude.  To shift our perspective… will allow better experiences and better outcomes in our lives.
  • Find Inner Peace – The moment we stop allowing others to control our emotions, will be the moment we find inner peace.  To create peace in the world, we must first create peace within ourselves.

We all have the capacity to be a better person and make a difference in our own life, our families experiences and the wider community.  And the only person that you want to try to be better than… is the person you were yesterday.

Take care, Karen.

“What we think, we become.”

~ Buddha

better person.jpeg

Personal Growth & Imperfections

That little phrase “personal growth” can be empowering but it can also make one feel a little anxious or uneasy.  To not explore what personal growth actually is, creates this endless search for happiness, clarity of mind, creative expression and a sense of inner calmness.

Personal growth or self-improvement is inspiring and will emerge if we just stop.  Stop searching and stop trying to be a better, calmer or nicer person and just allow our own mind to express itself.  To find that contentment within will enable us to be happier, more productive and efficient.

Perfection is a myth and an unrealistic goal.  I have always been a perfectionist in my life, which leads to disappointment, as perfection is an assumption of no faults and flawless results.  Perfection is not human and not what we should aspire to.  Sometimes we strive so hard for perfection that we forget that imperfection is happiness.  There would be no need for love in our lives if perfection was at all possible.

Our potential for growth, change and understanding is endless, by allowing our mind to reveal its true self.  By letting go of the past and the burden it holds upon us, as well as to set free the expectations of the future, the mind will open to the possibilities within.  Trust yourself… the answer lies within you… it is time to reveal the greatest version of yourself.  You are worth it!

Take care, Karen

“Strive for continuous improvement, instead of perfection.”

~ Kim Collins

personal growth