A Mother’s Heart

Happy Mother’s Day!  Have you spoken those kind words to your Mother today or held her dearly in your thoughts?  A mother can take the place of all others, but nobody else can take her place.

The day to celebrate and honour the mother of your family, as well as acknowledge motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of mother’s within our society.  It is our mothers that teach us to become the kind decent people that we are.  And if we are lucky enough to have our mother still in our life or a maternal figure to have guided us, we are filled with abundance.

She brought you into this world, loved you unconditionally, taught you life skills, showed you kindness and thoughtfulness, allowed you to grow independently and become the person that you are today.  Thank you, hardly conveys the gratitude that a child can feel for their mother.

I am lucky to have a beautiful kind-hearted generous mother that loved me, guided me, celebrated my achievements and comforted me when challenges were upon me.  Now she is one of my biggest fans, supports me as the woman I am today and I know that she has my back.

Perhaps it was her direction and unconditional love for family, that inspired me in life.  In fact, I know it was.  Motherhood was my sole purpose in life and my motivation for inspiring those around me.  Raising my two sons was the best, most valuable, achievement in my life.  As with all mothers, we want the best for our children.  We want them to know that they are loved and we are proud of them.

Sometimes tragedy may strike or mothers have played an absent part in our lives.  For those of you challenged on this day, my heart is with you.  Maybe your mother thought best to entrust somebody else to this role.  We all have a maternal bond with somebody and often several motherly figures in our lives.  Be grateful for whatever life has thrown at you and how you have overcome the odds to move forward the best way possible.  It is these challenging times that provide us with the many lessons in life.

Some mothers may not have all of their children still in their lives whether through passing or family separation.  There is no judgement upon you.  Whether mother and child are together or apart, they are still in their thoughts and unconditional love resides.

Be thankful today for your own mother and the role that she has played in your life.  Be thankful for the mothers in your community that influence your choices and inspire you in some way.  Be thankful for motherhood and the valuable purpose you bring to another person’s life every single day.

It is with our motherly traits and maternal bonds that we have learned, that stay with us for life.  Every single memory, good or bad, has influenced us in our lives to make better decisions or motivate us on a regular basis.

Send love to your mother today, keep her safely in your heart and cherish those special moments where you can.  And hold your own children in your arms, in your thoughts and in your heart forever.

Take care, Karen.


“Mothers are like glue.

Even when you can’t see them, 

they’re still holding the family together.”

~ Susan Gale 


Rural Reflections #20

Happy Mother’s Day to all the incredible mothers, grandmothers and maternal figures in our lives… for shaping us into the wonderful people that we are.  My greatest achievement in life has been my role as a loving mother and has given me so much joy over the years.  Yes, there were plenty of tears as well… but the joy that our children bring is beyond comprehension.

I am very fortunate to also have a wonderful mother that loved me unconditionally, provided me with advice when needed, gave me the freedom to make my own mistakes and learn from them, instilled morals and ethics within my soul, and shares a mutual passion for helping others, showing kindness, compassion and connection within a community.  She has been my guidance and her personality enriches me.

My passion for motherhood is the one thing that has driven me my whole entire life.  Our children… wanting the best for them, allowing them the freedom to be themselves, encouraging their differences and providing love, understanding and support is at the heart of what a mother does.

Today, as I think about motherhood, my adult children, my own mother and all those mothers doing the best job they can… today is in honour of you and the important role you play in shaping the next generation.

It makes me proud to be a mother and know that I have brought another human being into this world… educated them, loved them unconditionally, guided them and proudly watched them develop into their own self.  Whatever part of that journey you are on… enjoy the beautiful opportunities before you.

As I reflect on motherhood and my children, I decided to share this photo with you today.  An image of a microlight within the sky, as one of my sons, comes back to land upon our property.  My husband and our 2 sons, were taken above in 3 individual microlights for an aviation adventure one afternoon back in September 2011.

Rural Reflection #20…

20 Microlight at Sunset

image subject to copyright

An exciting adventure that each of them were fortunate to experience.  The highlight was to see aerial views of our own farming property as well as surrounding farmland and towns.  I was far too scared myself, to go up in these lightweight machines, but so happy to see my loved ones enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

I love this photo of one of the microlights coming back home with the beautiful sunset shining a light upon them.  The colours within the sky were beautiful as I snapped this image.

Sometimes in our lives, opportunities present themselves and it is up to us to take these opportunities and enjoy something different from the everyday routine in our lives.  This photo depicts so much happiness for me, as I see my family members being brought back home safely and with excitement in their eyes and an appreciation for this unique experience.

Enjoy those special people in your life… for those that love you, for those that teach you and for those that uplift you.  Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mothers and maternal figures in our lives.

Take care, Karen.


is a choice you make everyday

to put someone else’s happiness and well-being 

ahead of your own

to teach the hard lessons

to do the right thing

even when you’re not sure what the right thing is…

and to forgive yourself

over and over again

for doing everything wrong.”

~ Donna Bell



A Truly Beautiful Mother That Has Belief In Me

Mothers are the most important person we have in our entire lives and they are unable to be replaced.  They are the ones who love us unconditionally and teach us the important lessons in life.

I value the importance of my Mum.  She is the one who instilled those significant values within me.  I am thankful that she shaped me into the kind and generous person I am today.  (Oh yes, I know my Dad had a bit to do with it too, but this blog is about MOTHERS).


My Mum reminded me yesterday, when she sent me a little message, that mothers are always thinking of their children, no matter how young or old they are.  The message was a positive quote, bringing with it the very powerful thought being conveyed.  It made me smile when I read it and I thought of how much I really love my Mum.

A simple, timeless and kind gesture, one can give to another… brings an overwhelming sense of calmness and clarity in a single moment.  Our mothers are our greatest teacher… a teacher of love, compassion and fearlessness.  The one that loves and cares for you without question.  A true friend for life… and our greatest emotional support.  She is the one that always has your back.


As a mother myself, I think we tend to value our Mum’s a little more when we start to go through the trials and tribulations of motherhood.  We realise at this time, it wasn’t so easy after all.  I love being a Mum… loving, caring and guiding my own children.  We just want our kids to be happy and grow into well-balanced, kind and resilient individuals.  We want to protect them yet allow them the freedom to learn from their own mistakes.

Our mother is our greatest critic yet our strongest supporter.  You wouldn’t want it any other way.  She will tell you constructively when you need direction and she will support you to the very end.  Her kind words of support and advice, is what we start to hear in our sub-conscious mind in our everyday lives.  What a beautiful legacy to leave with a child… guidance for life.

A good mother always worries that she is not being a good mother.  Motherhood is no easy venture, but worth it when you are able to appreciate it for what it is.  The privilege to raise another human being and guide them to adulthood, to encourage their strengths and embrace their personalities.


What joy a child does bring to a mother… no matter their age.  As a child, they bring us laughter and daily quirks, memorable moments and gratification.  As your child becomes an adult themselves (although they are still your babies), they now bring you a sense of contentment and excitement as they live their lives.  Then we sit back and hope our work is done.  And hope we have instilled in them, that we are their support for life.

All that I am or hope to be… I owe to my Mum.  She has instilled kindness and generosity within me, a caring sense and compassion which comes naturally.  Her encouragement and belief in me… guides me to shine, to strive and to achieve.  I am proud that I have inherited so many of my mother’s qualities.  She is one very special lady and I am honored to call her MY MUM.  Love you Mum!

Take care, Karen.

“Life doesn’t come with a manual,

it comes with a mother.”

~ Author Unknown

P.S. Please watch this beautiful video, it sums up how significant our mothers really are.

Video Credit:  Jamie O’Neal – YouTube