Memories in Grief bear the Miracle of Life

That feeling when your heart is ripped out, the numbness, the intense sorrow, privately grieving the loss of a loved one.  Too many beautiful people have been taken from this earth, taken from their loving families.  The pain is so real and never leaves, over time you just learn how to tuck it safely away.

Today, for 2 reasons, I am inspired to write about grief and loss but also about the miracle of birth.  A blessing that manifolds during times when one feels so broken-hearted.

I was so drawn into the pain and despair experienced by a fellow blogger Blessed Moments -n- Memories.  I can’t even imagine the pain and sorrow she would be experiencing with the loss of her son.  As a mother, I know that would be the absolute worst pain ever to have to bear.  My heart broke for this stranger, my empathy was overflowing.  What a brave and honest women, to be able to share her pain in this modern way, to help someone else or to help heal herself or to honour his memory.  This beautiful soul also announced of the miracle… she will soon celebrate the birth of her first grandchild.  Her words “As I continue to grieve for the loss of my son, I will witness a miracle” is simply stated and enormously heartfelt.

After reading and commenting on this ladies blog, I realised this was my topic for today, in memory of a dear family friend lost in a farming accident several years ago.  Today would have been his birthday.  A man who was so kind-hearted, helpful and the hardest worker I have ever known.  A man that was always there and a big part of my childhood, a dear friend of my parents.  I still remember those birthday cakes we used to make you and how you used to let us put little bows/ribbons in your hair when you needed a haircut (You were such a good sport!).  A man that never had a nasty word to say about anyone and was so selfless and thoughtful.  He is fondly remembered today and sadly missed by all his friends.

But his family, crushed by the sudden loss, a wife and 2 adult children pregnant with his grand-children.  Hearts broken as tragedy was thrown upon them, yet the strength that this family had, was incredible.  A husband, a father, and almost a grandfather… sadly gone.  The agony remains… but so do the memories.  Memories of good times, memories of a good man.  He is gone, but never forgotten.

His legacy now lives in his 2 beautiful daughters and his 4 grandchildren.  Never met but constantly and contently watching over them all from above.  These 4 little miracles brought into this world to give them all strength and courage to continue in life.  One by one, they arrive… a reminder that life goes on.  Two young ladies developing their new maternal roles, challenged, yet passionate mothers they are.  And a dedicated grandmother enjoying those children with laughter and delight, even in her husband’s absence.  I know he would be so proud of the loving family he now watches over… each and every one of them.

Surrounded by memories and a life to continue… acknowledged by this resilient family and my fellow blogger.  Strength is what you find when you have no other choice.  As mind, body and spirit are depleted… it is more important than ever to find the strength, courage and support to survive the turmoil.  Nobody can take those beautiful memories from you, so let them be the reason you will endure the pain.  And focus on the miracle of life and enjoy those little things with your loved ones.

Rest in Peace my friend.

Take care, Karen.

“You are BRAVER than you believe,

STRONGER than you seem,

SMARTER than you think,

and LOVED more than you’ll ever know”

~ A.A. Milne

(From the book Winnie the Pooh)

loss of loved one



Who am I?

Hi, my name is Karen and I am a little shy but friendly.  I am a first-time blogger and have been setting up my new blog on farming challenges and the inspiration within my journey in life.  Undecided and hesitant if I wanted to remain anonymous or be up front and reveal myself.  I stand by what I write and am sincere and honest… so here I am.

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I bit about me… I have strong family values and a strong work ethic. Reliability, honesty and self-motivation drives me. My life is devoted to my husband and our 2 adult sons. Their wellbeing is my number one priority. I value the importance of inner harmony and have a passion for personal growth and development.

I grew up on a small farm on the Mid North Coast and have owned properties in the New England and Central West regions before settling on a farm west of Tamworth. Involved with farming all my life, now in my 40’s and children all grown up, it is time for my own passion to be shared. The quiet peaceful lifestyle of farming is satisfying and the value of the hard work on-farm is significant.

Passion for the future of the agricultural industry is at the forefront of my mind and it is my intention to promote this and the connection to all communities nation-wide. I feel strongly that Australian’s care about our domestic food chain and sustaining the farming industry.

I am a member of the Country Women’s Association of NSW, the largest women’s organisation in Australia, and I support their aims to improve the lives of women and their families. Their vision resonates with me, in providing a forum for the voice of all women, encouraging the viability of rural communities and lobbying for change. Values of goodwill, friendship, support and understanding is important to me.

My real passion is personal growth and development, and an inner enthusiasm to inspire others through listening and sharing. By using my writing and this Blog, I intend to encourage others along their life journey as well.

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Take care, Karen