Rural Reflections #2

Babies in any form, always spark our interest.  Who doesn’t love newborn baby calves?  Today I will share another photo with you all, which reflects hope, something we all need right now.

With this horrid drought affecting farmers physically, emotionally and financially this year… we are always in need of finding joy in something every day.  The calving season always delivers us hope and joy.

This photo was taken in July 2018, right in the middle of this dreadful drought.  Not only farming to keep our stock alive but also at a production level, as we enter the calving season.  Sadly calves are dropping into a hard dry desert-like environment, where optimism is thin and prospects contemplated.  Nevertheless, these newborn calves always promise to bring us a smile.

Rural Reflection #2…

02 Baby Calves Deliver Hope in Drought

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I really love this photo because of the innocence portrayed with these cute baby calves.  Our Hereford calves are naturally quiet which I adore.  But I love the calmness they simulate by lazing around in the hay, sleeping soundly and the nonchalant yet curious glances they give you.

They just lay upon the hay innocently… the hay that we just fed out in the wretched drought, during the current daily feeding ritual.  As we watch their mothers eating to nourish and gain energy, these babies rest peacefully, as if we just put the hay there for the sole purpose of softening the ground beneath them.  How can one not fall in love with these beautiful tranquil animals?

The adoration we have for baby animals is the one positive motivation to keep us working so damn hard on the farm.  The birth of life in a cycle, re-cements our vision and passion as farmers and reminds us as to why we accept farming challenges.

So my photo for today is reflecting that change is a part of life… we must appreciate the beauty around us and find this beauty amongst the darkness surrounding us.  Drought may have a gut-wrenching hold on us farmers at the moment, but we will get through it.  We just need to look around and be grateful for what we do have right now in our lives.

Take care, Karen.

“Only in the darkness can you see the stars.”

~ Martin Luther King Jr





The Cute Factor

It has been a long day.  Plenty of on-farm jobs today and stock work.  Sometimes we just need baby animals to remind us that not everything in this world is terrible, that things will get better for us, eventually.

On a downer… a lovely bull we had purchased has an injury and looks like he probably won’t get over it, probably nerve damage.  So if it is not the drought, it is something else to bring you down.  Just another kick in the guts.  And more money down the drain.

But on the flip side, I am able to find something to distract me and lift my spirits…I love newborn calves.  Our latest addition and the last calf to be born for this year.  The joy and hope, this little bull calf brings us today.  Why is it that the presence of baby animals have the ability to cheer us up?  Maybe it is the pure innocence, the curiosity or the cute factor.  Just look into their cute faces and feel the love.

Take care, Karen.


~ Alice Morse Earle